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We understand that your van is crucial to your ability to run your business and can be essential to your private life. This is why we’ve teamed up with some of the leading commercial and private vehicle insurers in the industry to find the best policy for you and your requirements.

We have negotiated special terms with a number of major UK insurers for those in exceptional circumstances, such as if your van has been heavily modified or if you’ve previously been faced with criminal convictions.

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    Regardless of the nature of your operation, whether you’re looking for courier insurance, delivery driver cover or even fast food delivery insurance, we can arrange the ideal policy for you.

    All of our van insurance policies give you at least the minimum level of cover required by EU law. So you can drive confident in the knowledge that you and your cargo will be protected.

    We’ll also ensure that your policy accommodates the growth of your business, meaning you can add new vehicles on as you go, rather than having to take out a separate policy each time.

    We Can Cover


    • Courier Vans
    • Business Vans
    • Private Vans
    • Truck, Skip & HGVs
    • Modified Vans
    • Fleets
    • Catering Vans
    • Ex-Offenders
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    Key Features

    Tools and Equipment


    Courtesy Vehicle


    Flexible Payments


    Immediate Cover

    Goods in Transit


    Breakdown and Recovery


    European Cover