Minibus/MPVs Insurance

People use private minibuses for a variety of reasons; whether it’s to accommodate passengers in wheelchairs, large families or not-for-profit groups, you will need to ensure you have a policy which takes into account the size and purpose of your vehicle.

Dependent on the number of seats it holds, if you drive a minibus or MPV for private or personal use without using it for financial gain or reward, you may be able to insure it under standard van insurance. However, if it seats over 9 passengers, it’s likely you will need to source a specialist policy to ensure you’re properly covered. At Much Ado About Insurance, we can help you get the cover you need for your private vehicle.

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    We Can Cover


    • Not for Hire or Reward Vehicles
    • MPVs
    • Vehicles up to 3.5 Tonnes and Above
    • Transporting Not-for-Profit Organisations
    • 7 Seater MPV
    • Driving in Europe
    • Sports and Social Clubs Minibus

    Key Features

      In Car Equipment


     ∅ Flexible Payment Plans


     ∅ Public Liability


     ∅ Breakdown and Recovery

     ∅ Legal Expenses


     ∅ Short-term Options


     ∅ Passenger Liability


     ∅ Additional Drivers

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