Flood Risk Insurance

If your property has suffered from flood damage in the past, if there is a history of flooding in your neighbourhood or if you are within an identified flood risk area, we can help arrange cover to provide you with the peace of mind that you’re covered in the event of a flood.

As a member of BIBA (The British Insurers Broker’s Association), we work closely with them to provide the right cover for your most important asset in the event of a flood.

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    Flood Re

    Flood Re is a re-insurance scheme which was created with the aim to make flood cover more affordable. They work behind the scenes with existing insurance companies to help insurers offer more affordable flood insurance to those in areas at risk of flooding.

    As the risk of flooding increases, so does the potential cost of your home insurance and if you’ve had a claim paid out for a flood before, it can be very difficult to get reinsured or the premiums can skyrocket. This is where Flood Re comes in.

    Insurers pay into Flood Re and in turn, underwrite the flood aspect of their Home Insurance through them. This means the financial cost of increased flood risk is spread out across everyone which means you have a better chance now of finding affordable home insurance, even in a high flood risk area.

    To Qualify:

    • You must live in the property
    • It must have been built prior to 2009
    • It must be within a council tax band

    To find out how Much Ado About Insurance can help arrange affordable and fair Flood Risk cover for your home, get a quote today by filling out our form.

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    Key Features

    Removing Debris


    Professional Fees


    Alternative Accommodation


    Structural damage

    ∅ Drying Out


    ∅ Restoration


    ∅ Repair Work


    ∅ Fixtures and Fittings