Are insurance comparison sites really all they seem?

An investigation by Which? has shown that the information provided by price comparison sites contains a number of discrepancies compared to what’s actually detailed in the policy itself. They stated that 60% of the policies brought up by the site had a detail present in the description which differed from the policy documents. This means that customers are being misled into obtaining the policy based on false information, and consequently could be unwittingly left without insurance features essential to them.

Which? cross-checked the policy descriptions for 24 brands on four aggregate sites against the information provided on their websites and their policy documents. They found that there were a number of errors within the policy descriptions.

These included:                                           

  • Stating that a courtesy car was guaranteed
  • Claiming that sunroof cover was included
  • Providing incorrect information about cover for loss/theft of car keys
  • Showing vastly incorrect levels of cover for personal accident

This is a major concern for customers buying insurance from such sites since they are buying their policy based on the information in the description which they believe to be true. If, for example, a customer requires a courtesy car following an accident and are refused because it’s not in their official policy documents, the insurance company is under no obligation to provide the service. As such, the customer could be left out of pocket for something which simply isn’t their fault.

Aggregate sites have responded to this investigation by stating that they are reviewing the way they are relaying information about the policies to their customers and are working to rectify any discrepancies.

What can you do to make sure you’re properly covered?
Which? encourages drivers looking for insurance not to rely on the information provided in insurance price comparison sites and instead, advises them to make a list of the features that are a ‘must have’ and then check them on the insurer’s own website. Alternatively, drivers should benefit from using the services of an insurance broker who will source a policy for the customer based on their exact requirements, leaving no room for error when it comes to obtaining necessary features of the cover.

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