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Impounded Vehicle Insurance

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Impounded Car and Van Insurance

Has this just happened to you?

Get an instant certificate of insurance to enable you to get your impounded car, or impounded van released today!

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We know how difficult it is to get your car or van released from a police impound for not being insured. Normal insurance policies are not designed to cover you to get your seized vehicle out of the impound. Much Ado Limited is a specialist insurance broker, who have the right insurance policy for you.

Get your seized vehicle back today!

If your car or van is uninsured and gets towed to a police compound you will need an insurance policy that allows you to get it back. Don’t make the mistake of buying a policy online that you will find excludes you from doing so. Talk to the specialists who have the right insurance policy designed for impounded vehicles. If your’re aged 17 to 75 with a Full UK or EU licence, call Much Ado Limited today on 01789 507927 and get insurance for your impounded car or impounded van.

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